Opus Magnum

About Us

Opus Magnum is YouTube's fast growing discovery platform reaching over 5M people every month. Our platform allows you to get your content distributed and achieve your goals.

Opus Magnum is a community of creators and curators on a mission to expose the true face of the World at large.

Armed with the internet, we defy the stale conventions of the past

by shifting the World's attention to the movements within convergence culture.

Video creators produce content of all kinds and Opus Magnum has built a platform that can adapt. Everything from professional pre-produced footage to live streams, spontaneously captured in the moment.

Founded in 2014 by Music Producer and Video Director,  We engage deeply in the World of music business at large

from Music production, Distribution, Licensing, Promotion & Artist Management. We are here to reshape the face of the mainstream.

Our news network is Your #1 Source for All Urban Relevant Hip Hop Topics Breaking News / Exclusive videos / Viral videos / Compilations / Sports / Politics / Gossip Memes & Funny videos / Events /  Concerts & Shows.


We are quickly becoming a well known and respected brand.
With over 1.2 Million followers across our social networks, and website hits surpassing 1 million a month, we are rapidly establishing our place in the Media. We aim to provide our subscribers with a variety of entertainment! You will be ENTERTAINED and even ADDICTED!

The Team

The People of Opus Magnum

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Walter Flowers


Élan Noelle

General Manager

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Vinny West

Video Editor

Orlando Rob


DeAngelo Robinson

Content Creator